ESPlanner and MaxiFi Planner Feature Comparison

Please note this is a high-level overview of key features and does not distinguish between different editions of the software. For more detail, please visit both product sites.

ESPlanner PLUS MaxiFi Planner
Windows-Based Desktop Tool Yes No
Web-Based Tool - Works on all devices and browsers No Yes
Unlimited Reports Yes Yes
PDF and Excel Export Yes Yes
Responsive Customer Support Yes Yes
Comprehensive Lifetime Financial Plan Yes Yes
Annual Spending Suggestions Yes Yes
Annual Savings Suggestions Yes Yes
Life Insurance Coverage Suggestions Yes Yes
Covers All Social Security Benefits Yes Yes
Incorporates All Social Security Rules and Provisions Yes Yes
Handles Roth and Non-Roth Accounts Yes Yes
Handles Non-Retirement Assets Yes Yes
Handles Self-Employment Earnings Yes Yes
Incorporates Federal, State, and FICA Taxes Yes Yes
Considers Medicare Part B Yes Yes
Handles Pensions Yes Yes
Handles 529 Education Savings Plans Yes Yes
Handles Vacation Homes and Real Estate Yes Yes
Monte Carlo Analysis Yes Yes
Reserve Fund feature Yes Yes
Includes Contingency Planning Yes Yes
Maximized Social Security Strategy No Yes
Optimizes Retirement Account Withdrawal Start Dates No Yes
Annual Spending and Saving Progress Tracking No Yes
Year-at-a-Glance Report No Yes
Side-by-Side Comparison Reports No Yes
Upside Investing Analysis Yes No
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